GDPR Terms

You declare that you are informed and furthermore authorize ZET 1 Ltd. to process your personal information via electronic or physical format for following purposes:

  • Administrative purpose namely store of your personal information under electronic or physical way.
  • Commercial purpose namely providing you with company‚Äôs product information and offers.

The categories of personal information that will be processed based on your approval are:

  • Physical identity
  • Company identity

Access to your personal information will have only employees of ZET 1 Ltd.

Your personal information will be kept at absolute privacy and not going to be distributed to any third party.

You are aware of your rights as a subject of personal information namely:

  • Access to your personal information.
  • Editing your personal information (if information is not correct).
  • Deleting.
  • Limiting processing.
  • Objection against processing your personal information.
  • Complaint to supervisory authority.
  • Protection according to judicial and administrative order in case your rights of subject of personal information are violated.